On this page I have included three examples of my work within the disciplines of Supply Chain Management and Finance.

South Africa’s Trade Policy & Logistics Infrastructure

This review was conducted for ExxonMobil as part of my work at the Center for Supply Chain Research at Penn State. The paper examines South Africa’s economy and its ability to serve as a shipping hub for ExxonMobil’s Global Services Company. Specifically, it looks at the South Africa’s current trade agreements, as well as its transportation infrastructure, and provides an evaluation of its potential to serve ExxonMobil’s transshipping needs.

South Africa Review Accompanying Presentation

This presentation was created to provide the corporate partners at ExxonMobil with a condensed summary of the findings of the research paper. The final deliverable was a conference call between myself and three of ExxonMobil’s executives in where I had the opportunity to walk them though my findings.

Financial Analysis of KBR

This piece was an extra credit assignment for an Accounting course that I took, in which I was asked to evaluate a company’s financials and recommend whether long-term investment in it would be wise or not. I chose to examine KBR, the American engineering firm who held the largest contract in Iraq during the U.S. occupation.


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