Public Discourse

These three pieces were chosen to exemplify my experience with The Presidential Leadership Academy at Penn State. The PLA is a three year program designed to inspire critical thinking in students, and to promote public discourse within the Penn State community. Each of these was selected from my weekly blog that I am required to keep as a member of the Academy, and was selected to examine the topic of leadership -what it really is, and what makes it “good”. These pieces were selected because they are examples of my own personal and reflective style of writing, rather than the more formal business writing pieces that I included on the other pages.

The Traits of the Effective Leader

In this essay, I answer the question of which attributes are required by great leadership, wherein I make the case that there is an objective form of great leadership, and that it is exemplified by sacrifice.

The Role of Personality in Leadership

This essay explores whether a person’s personality can determine their effectiveness as a leader. My argument is that abrasiveness toward the status quo, and restlessness for justice is the mark of the effective leader.

Public Discourse

This last piece was chosen because it exemplifies what the Academy was created for: the public discourse between members of the university community. This post is a response to  an essay written by a peer of mine in the academy, and it shows my ability to critically consider his argument and respond to it in the public sphere.


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