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giving, not giving up

I wasn’t born here. My mother has a green
card, and up until 15 months ago I never lived in the United States. I’m an

If an immigrant labors 80-hour weeks to
support his family in our country should he not have more of a right to
citizenship than me?

Opponents argue that illegal’s are a drain on
our job market and steal our tax dollars. Here it is though; we employ these workers.  We need them to fuel our businesses,
and in return they live with us, pay rent and buy groceries just like

“Hold on; but they don’t pay taxes.” -that’s
right; if you’re illegal, then you don’t even have a means of filing income

What would happen if we gave immediate
permanent residence status to illegals already living in the country? The
logistics of the initial flood would be phenomenal and may cause a lot of
trouble. But think of it in the long run. Residents all pay taxes; no one is
exempt. Any illegitimate worker who currently takes all of his below-minimum
wage salary would now pay income tax on a real salary. New industries would
boom and consumer consumption would skyrocket because former immigrants would
now be comfortable purchasing cars (and paying for insurance) and homes here.

Socially, we could ensure that every child is
accounted for and receives an education. No one would drown crossing the
Rio-Grande and none would rely on false marriages to access our ground.

Why do we exclude the world from our well
being? We’re scared that they might challenge our safety, but we don’t give
them a chance to prove themselves. If we’re really unsure, we could give
immigrants temporary residence status for a trial period, in which we could
evaluate their contribution to our society. They wouldn’t disappoint.