Rishi, you remind me a lot of my brother. He is a big Donald Trump fan, loves following new tech developments and is probably going to be going back to school for his MBA sometime in the next couple of years. I’m interested to see how your experiences in the next 2 years will shape which route you choose. The best advice I could have for you as you enter into the Smeal community is to be thoughtful of the ideologies which are presented to you in class and by your peers. I am convinced that true sucess comes from evaluating the world around you, and asking where it is going, and whether that direction is right or wrong, and what your role will be in shaping it.

Will; I hope you’re right about Philly.

I’d def been playing closer attention to the NCAA so far, and I’m pretty hopeful for our boys this season. With all the players who have moved on between Bama and OSU, provided our QB(s) and O-line get their acts together in the first half of the season I could see us holding our own in the Big 10 Championship. Hard to tell just from playing ISU, but next Saturday should be a pretty good preview for the rest of the season.



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