Looking Forward

Well; we’re back, and this year promises to be different. I enter my senior year, and maybe it’s something to do with getting to live with 7 other great guys, having spent the summer outdoors doing things that I love, or maybe it’s just age, but I am finally forgetting to feel the pressure that haunts many Penn State students (and most Smeal students); I no longer need to fill my day with superfluous work that I don’t actually need to do, and that there are a great many things that are worthy of my time and that will be a far better investment than trying to keep up with the students around me in order to feel good about myself.

What things, you ask? Well, to keep it simple, I’ll only mention 3:

Reading: making time for this will probably sharpen my mind better than most other things, and even more than that, it’s fun.

Taking Naps: this is so that I will learn not to take myself or my life too seriously, and will understand that it’s good to chill out sometimes.

Staying up late with friends: It’s senior year; don’t miss out.

That’s all I’ve got right now. If State College survives the hurricane this weekend, then I’ll post my reflections on my time spent in the Dominican Republic on Monday.

Enjoy your world,



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