Where I Work

Working for Compassion International has been a worldview
shaping experience to say the least. Particularily, I have seen some of the
world’s smartest and most successful people make huge sacrifices to work for a
company whose mission, changing the lives of the world’s most forgotten
individuals, they believe in. My boss is a 52 year-old Texan man who left his
career as a private construction contractor 3 years ago to head up Compassion’s
building projects. As a private contractor in 3 states, he has built a
portfolio of over half a billion dollars, and hopes to reach a billion before
he retires. Having worked for him, I can tell you that it is more than
possible. Everywhere I look here I see men and women who left guaranteed wealth
and high profile positions to be a part of a group that is changing societies
everywhere and breaking humans free from lives of hopelessness and failure.
Somehow these people have experienced wealth and status at the top of the
ladder and counted it as an unworthy pursuit for their lives. And it’s not
necessarily that they think that the work that Compassion does is somehow more
personally fulfilling for them than what they used to do. My boss has told me
many times that he’d love to go back into contracting, though he does feel that
his time is being better used where he is now.

And it makes me ask myself; do I want to wait till I’m 40 to
realize what is in front of my right now: that pursuing security and wealth
might not be worth it.


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