Protecting Traffickers in New Jersey

A revealing look into the protection of the sex slavery industry in New Jersey:

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3 thoughts on “Protecting Traffickers in New Jersey

  1. MARLA T KORPAR says:

    At first sight, I found this video clip disturbing. By offering aid to the sex trafficker, the Planned Parenthood employee went completely against the fundamental principles the institution was founded upon. Planned Parenthood is supposed to be a confidential aid to women’s rights, not a safe haven for illegal sex traffickers. I just read an online article from which I learned similar instances have been caught on camera in the District of Columbia, New York, and Virginia Planned Parenthood chapters. This situation really portrays the many complexities of the sex trafficking industry. However, this video should not be the only source of information about this situation. Check out this link:
    This is another article I read that provides more information in defense of Planned Parenthood. Although one employee has been arrested for working with the illegal sex trafficking ring, in most of the reported instances Planned Parenthood claims innocence. Plan Parenthood released a statement saying that their employees acted as professionally as possible when they were presented with the pimp visit, immediately reporting the incident to authorities after he left. Also, there are records showing reports from Planned Parenthood staff of the sex traffickers visits to authorities two days before any of these videos were published. It is hard to tell whether the employees were truly allies to the sex trafficking industry in most cases or if they were trying to catch the pimp in the act. Sex trafficking is a complex issue with many realms; it is possible that the employees were trying to fool the sex trafficker so he could later be caught and punished.

  2. BRICE SMITH says:

    The hair on the back of my neck stood as I watched the video. This occurring so close to here shocked me. It’s one of those, “yeah there’s sex trafficing in the world, but not in Pennsylvania, not in Maryland, not in NEW JERSEY”… Do you know what happened to this lady in the video?? Personally I hope she goes away for life, as I would hope for anyone involved in the detriment of such young, innocent girls.
    Watch a show on Discovery, called “Kidnap + Rescue”. Secretly, I want to be one of those guys involved in an operation to save people who’ve been kidnapped. A young lady, blonde hair blue eyes, was taken from a party in Nevada and sold into slavery the next day in Mexico. She was a naive 14 year old. 3 years later, this cold case lit up. A Mexican client of the female contacted a private operations task force to tell the story of the relationship he had built with this American over time. Within a month she was rescued. The girl, at 17, looked like she was over 30! She was dependent on heroin and meth, and the was chained to a bed everyday unless she was ‘working’. The sad story is, after 1 month of rehab she returned to her family in Nevada. 2 weeks later, she ran away from home, and her where-abouts are unknown.


    I’m continually impressed with your blog and the amount of passion you devote to spreading awareness for the issue of human trafficking, something to which I — and many of my peers — would otherwise probably pay little attention.
    First, I think the video you shared is an important reminder of a common theme I keep seeing in your blogs — human trafficking is hardly something reserved for third world countries or impoverished sections of the inner city. It’s alive throughout our country, sometimes right under our nose, and it’s important that we take it seriously as an issue that affects our corner of the world.
    But with regard to the video you posted, I think it’s important — as Marla pointed out — to look at what’s presented with a critical eye. I tried to do my own background research on the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood recently, and I came up with this, from what I generally regard as a fairly reputable new source:
    While I see that it’s fairly clear that the words “sex work” were used to the employee, I think this episode has been taken a little out of proportion in the larger scheme of things, as a reason to defund Planned Parenthood altogether. In this case, I think the woman dealing with the man should have definitely acted more cautiously, and if it’s found that she did in some way “aid” him, then she should definitely be removed from the company, and Planned Parenthood should take appropriate steps to make sure its employees are clear on how to go about reporting illegal activity immediately. But what we see in all of this may very well be a small portion of what actually went down, and, especially given the two very polar views represented on either side of this issue, I think we should be careful about jumping to conclusions about the legitimacy of the organization as a whole based solely on a few minutes of video footage from one of its employees.

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