Monthly Archives: August 2010

Welcome Back

Happy Friday, and welcome back to another Penn State year.

Syllabus week is never fun for me. I usually and the week
with an entirely different schedule from the one that I started with, get
stressed out from either being overwhelmed on some days, or bored on others.
This week met expectations.

One thing that I’ve become convicted of this week though, is
that the Smeal College of Business -my college -is not in the game of forging
the leaders of tomorrow, rather it aims to shape the employees of tomorrow. What
I mean by this is that the business school is so focused on achieving it’s
status in the top 5 public institutions for business in the country, that it’s
driving force is not to teach students how to be creative and innovative, it’s
to teach them how to be hired. I’m willing to bet that a majority of Smeal kids
aren’t there because they love Finance or are crazy about Actuarial Science;
chances are, it’s because they want to make money. Most students would probably
rather choose their 1st job not based on job responsibilities or
their passion for the industry, but they would choose whichever one would pay
them the most. I only hope that I never fall too far into this mentality. I
want to enjoy my work -more than that, I want to be passionate about it, not
only in it for the money.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!