Hey PLA,
I’m typing this up on the plane: we left Maracaibo at 4am today. It was a bittersweet moment, and our whole team will surely miss the friends we’ve made this summer, but we’re all excited to see home again.
Saturday was our last day of service work. We drove out to one of Maracaibo’s ghettos to run a children’s foundation for the day. The kids were adorable, but the facility was so dilapidated. Upon our arrival, Dan and I walked across the broken concrete and dirt yard only to run into the foundation’s handyman who was moving the lye-powdered corpse of a dog that had died inside one of the buildings. It was by far the worst thing I have ever smelled, and it kinda sucks to think that that’s life for those kids. They were so much fun though; one of them asked me throw him up into the air, and when I finally put him down, a line of another dozen kids were waiting for their turn too. Needless to say, they wiped me out!
The next couple days we’re doing a debreifing in Fairfax, VA. I’ll probably send something out again soon.


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