Hey Gang,

Time is short; lots of things to talk about.

The University system here is vastly different than back
home. To begin with, it’s entirely free, and starved for funds. Since we got
here 2 weeks ago, there has been one strike, and one near strike because the
faculty at the Universidad del Zulia have yet to receive their pay for this
semester. Funding is also short in other areas too. Campus facilities flood
when it rains, and the bathrooms lack running water. My group works on the
Engineering and Architecture campus which is said to be the most dangerous.
Here, if a student doesn’t want to take an exam, it’s not uncommon to pay
someone to plant a small explosive somewhere on campus and call in a bomb
threat. We’ve yet to have any trouble though.

National government is very closely tied to student
government here too. There’s a big conspiracy/mystery about the murder of last
year’s student body president (who was pretty unpopular with the current
administration). I don’t have any real testimony about that right now, but I
wanted to include it to give you more of an understanding of freedom under

On Monday, the three of us working on Engineering met with
the head of the Technical English department to organize our weekly English
workshop for that will begin tomorrow. We’ve done a good deal of promotion for
it, and we expect an attendance of 30+.

That’s all for now. More soon.



p.s. unable to upload any photos at the moment. will try again soon.


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    Very interesting!! You really do not think that these things really happen or still exist (or at least you don’t want them to).
    I also wanted to let you know that I spoke with the programming coordinator for the honors college this morning regarding your thoughts on bringing James Kofi Annan to Penn State. She really liked the idea so we should definitely start working on this when you get back!

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