so we think we understand society…

In recent weeks I’ve been growing more and more frustrated
with many of my peers regarding their attitude toward learning -and
specifically their refusal to attempt to understand new perspectives. Most of
this frustration stems from group discussions I’ve had in my Soc 119 class.

On Wednesday we discussed the Japanese government’s apathy
toward Japan’s growing virtual pornography industry -which has recently
released a video game whose sole synopsis or plot is rape. Maybe I’m a special
case, but I’m pretty disgusted first, that someone would make such a game, and
second, that people would buy it. CNN’s report on the game can be found at the
following link.

But even more serious to me is that only a quarter of my
discussion group (4 in about 16) thought that Japan should ban the game. The
argument against banning it: “if you don’t want to deal with it, then don’t buy
it.” Call me old fashioned, but regardless of whether games like GTA invoke
violent tendencies in teenagers or not, I fail to see how a rape centered video
game will contribute positively to our society. I’m certain that the game would
seriously corrupt much of our society’s perspective on relationships and proper

How come all of a sudden (the past 40 years or so) has so
much of the world adopted a relative understanding of what’s true and what’s
right and good. Are people too afraid of angering others to acknowledge the
reality that so much of what the western world does is flat-out wrong?

If you look around any lecture at Penn State (even the most
engaging ones), you will inevitably find the person or people (usually guys)
who’s either asleep or trying to sleep. More and more people think that they
already understand not only our own society, but the world at-large too. What’s
changed in the last fraction of civilization? Probably our access to “information”
-internet, IM, cable TV, cell phones. But that’s another topic for another


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