gen. engr

I briefly checked out a number of sources regarding the cost
of genetic engineering through in vitro fertilization to select which features
you may want your child to have, and the range was between $10,000 and $20,000.
A huge chunk of this country doesn’t even have half that in their bank
accounts. I’m fairly certain that a bank wouldn’t be inclined to give out loans
for a luxury like genetic engineering to low income families, and even if it
did, if you can’t afford it, then there are probably more pressing matters that
you cant afford (a house or a car perhaps).

So what happens? The kids who would have already been born
at a social and financial advantage now find themselves physically more suited
for success, and the population becomes more stratified.

The weird part though is wondering whether or not a kid
could grow up knowing that he isn’t exactly how he was intended to be (or how
God made him to be), or maybe that he’d have a greater sense of privilege and
less of actual achievement and thus of real ability.

But still -if I knew I could prevent a kid from terminal
illness, I think I might.


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