party scheduling/IFC policy

I had a moment to investigate the IFC’s policy on social functions, and a few points stood out to me (as I have yet to see or hear of these being kept):

Alcohol Distribution 

4. Individually wrapped snack foods must be readily available at all functions at all times when alcohol 

is being served. 

5. Individually canned or bottled alternative beverages must be readily available at all functions at all 

times when alcohol is being served. 

Liquor Policy 

4. Liquor may not be served for more than two hours. 

5. Liquor may not be served after 12:00AM.

But I started to question the IFC’s motivation for the following:

Section 7: Article B

Hosting Limitations 

1. Parties may not begin before 10:00 pm and shall be hosted for a period of time no greater than four 

(4) hours.  Parties must end by 2:00 am. 

If a party only starts at 10pm (and it’s not as though anyone wants to be the first person there), and students are going to be done class on a given Friday by 3:20 (not to mention Saturdays, which for most kids are open scheduled), then 6 and a half hours is a pretty long time to wait to start the weekend.

My guess is that the intent is to minimize the amount of time spent by partygoers in the presence of alcohol, but realistically, students are going to start using alcohol roughly 2 hours after dinner; so probably between 8 and 8:30. This means that between 8:30pm and 1:30am (since parties aren’t allowed to serve alcohol during the last half hour), students are going to have about 5 and a half hours of exposure to alcohol.

My guess is that if organized parties started earlier, actually starting by 9:30 -rather than 11 (which is about when they start now), then students would rather be having fun with a bigger group of people at that time, and thus wouldn’t spend as long (and maybe eventually, any time) pre-gaming. Parties could actually stop serving alcohol at the designated time (12am), and it’s not as though people would want to leave a party at 12 to go “post-game”.

Problem solved.

Except for the hundreds of off campus, non-fraternity parties.


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