societal evolution

Why has college drinking evolved so dramatically over the
past 40 years? Chris (Randby) made an interesting point when he said that guys
in the 60s still had the same chemical and psychological makeup that we do now,
but certainly drank less and were probably a lot more respectful of women.

But it’s more recent than that. Pre-gaming didn’t exist in
the 90s, and it definitely wouldn’t have been considered ‘cool’ to black out
from intoxication (though with the way kids laugh it off now, you might think
it was). So what is it?

In the 60s it took a certain type of kid to smoke pot, but
you’d probably be hard pressed to find a majority of graduating high school
seniors that haven’t already had some kind of encounter with marijuana. The
pornography industry has blown up (in accessibility, size and content) in the
past decade alone, and our (primarily males) desire for realistic graphic
violence on TV and video games has changed the standard for acceptable viewing
content across the world. Let’s not even start on the lyrical content of popular

It would seem that we (American, and western society in
general) are becoming exponentially desirous of the next level in virtually
every category of self-satisfying pursuits, and are no longer content with what’s
been the norm for hundreds of years.

But why? I can name contributors to the movement -notably corporate
America’s rampant use of the Internet to search our tastes and preferences and
to market toward them accordingly  -but I’m stuck for finding the real cause. For now anyway.

Still; as we know from our interactions with each other, in such a polarization of what are and what should be commendable pursuits, there are people that want more than what MTV and the rest of our culture has for us.


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