rush events need to be revamped

I wrote a bit about this last week, and I’m growing more
convinced that fraternities may be the largest asset that the university
administration has to counter HRCD (provided the fraternities can be motivated
to the cause).

When freshmen show up in August, the majority of those that
will engage in HRDC if given the chance will first look to fraternity parties
as the venue of choice. Rush events are already dry, but many in the Greek
system argue that this policy is a move to kill Greek life. As CQ Researcher
put it:

college parties are generally not
very fun if one isn’t drunk. They are loud and impersonal, so no one would want
to be at a party and not be

If all rush events are is the standard kegger minus the keg,
then it’s no wonder that Greeks (and probably prospective too) are losing
interest. But if fraternity socials could be encouraged (or mandated) to only
hold events that have a specific theme or activity -i.e. casino night,
concerts, formals, poker tournaments, date auctions…etc, then partygoers
wouldn’t feel as much of a need to drink because the parties wouldn’t be lame.

important to not hinder the Greek system, because when students no longer
attend the bigger parties, they turn to smaller, much less controllable “apartment
parties”. Fraternities need to remain the most desired venue for incoming students
who are looking to drink.


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