carbon capture?

In my follow up research, I came across a method of emission
reduction which I hadn’t yet heard of: carbon capture and storage.

China has already begun 2-major carbon capture projects in Beijing
and Shanghai. Germany and Australia are among other examples of successful capture

Carbon capture traps the CO2 at its source, and either
isolates it in underground storage, or reintroduces it into industrial process. A full overview can be found here.

It’s an expensive process, and requires significant power,
but it can be applied to both power generation and heavy industry.

What I’m more curious about though is why I’ve never read
about this in mainstream media. When I performed a search of carbon capture in
news publications, only a handful of stories came from US publications, the overwhelming
majority originating from Canada, China, India and Great Britain.

Nuclear fusion, solar, wind, carbon taxes and offsets are
not the only options to choose from worldwide, so why do we restrict our public
policy to the same solutions as 20 years ago?


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