cultural change

A student died last week. How much more will it take before
PSU students realize they need to be responsible for themselves and their

No Partys Thursday“; sure -but realistically, pledging has
started, and kids will be out raising glasses to Joe Dado, the freshman who
dies on campus while intoxicated.

I see a lack of respect and unity within our student body
when individuals fail to appreciate the truth that a member of our community
died, and each weekend 25 more undergrads risk the same. The ER can testify to
this. On a given Saturday night, the ER is packed with students who have been
dragged in to have their stomachs pumped. Football weekends are even worse.



College Drinking Prevention, a
government campaign outlines that the responsibility to prevent further tradgedy is 3 fold: individual
students, the student body as a whole, and the college and surrounding
community. In our case, we (the students) need to take care of our friends if
they do choose to drink. UPUA and student entities like the Collegian and ARHS
need to do a better job promoting alternative social events so that students
will actually want to do more than hit up frat parties on their weekends. PSU
admin and State College need to be stricter at events like football tailgates where
there are already dozens of underage drinking citations given out every weekend
before games.

Community members are too quick to think that the only
feasible policies on alcohol are either what we already have or outlaw it
completely. But we don’t need to revert to revert to prohibition to solve this
problem. Target the irresponsible ones. If people know that there are strict
consequences for alcohol abuse and irresponsibility, then they will think twice
before drinking to the point of blacking out. Parties are great. I don’t drink,
and I don’t condone underage drinking, but right now this is college, and this
is what we have to work with. We all want to have fun and get loose on our
weekends and that shouldn’t stop. But as a fun loving community we need to play
it safe.


2 thoughts on “cultural change

  1. Christopher M. Randby says:

    I agree with your overall sentiment Harry. It’s a shame, but it seems that drinking is ingrained into the culture of major universities. The way things are now, Joe Dado will not be the last student that dies due to an alcohol related incident; and that is a terribly sad fact to deal with.
    “…we don’t need to revert to prohibition to solve this problem. Target the irresponsible ones.”
    How do we go about doing this? College students are certainly under a lot of stress, but that should not condone underage drinking. What do we consider an 18-20 yr old who is a “responsible drinker”? It is a dense issue to work through to be sure, but we are taking the proper steps by promoting student dialogue on the subject.

  2. Dean Christian Brady says:

    Thanks Harry. We clearly need to continue this conversation. It really must be a fundamental shift.

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